Isaac sponsors a variety of teams and athletes


Relement sl team editionoompot / Orange Cycling Team

Isaac is proud sponsor of the Pro- continental Roompot / Orange Cycling Team. These athletes ride on the Element SL team edition and the Isaac Muon. Read more about Roompot / Orange Cycling Team.




heleen-kleinHeleen bij de Vaate (triathlete)

Heleen is the 2014 Dutch and European champion and former winner of Ironman Arizona 2008. Isaac sponsors this champion. Read more about Helen.


Trivio long distance teamTrivio Long Distance Team

This is a growing team of female triathletes with a clear vision, and the ability to maximize within the possibilities. These triathletes use our Isaac Muon triathlon bikes. We and the team are looking forward to an ambitious new season in the Eredivisie Triathlon, as well as the Long Distance!

                        KNWU Team TROI MTB

knwu beeld

It is the project of mountain bike coach Tim Heemskerk Team TROI. Six Dutch talents, including two Dutch champions, work together on one goal: the 2020 Olympic Games. They do this by living, studying and of course, training in Sittard. 

They use our Isaac Baryon 650B and 29er mountain bikes.
"With Isaac as a partner, we are assured of good care of material that matches the ambitions of our team. Isaac is an innovative brand that thinks along with us into the future,' says Tim Heemskerk. Isaac recognize the passion and ambition of Team TROI. Just as we they are talented challengers who wants to go for the top! Read more about the KNWU Team TROI MTB.


130831 Eton Dorney Engeland 405

   Elianne Huitema

   Elianne is a 16 years old triathlete who started with this sport in 2013. The triathlon        

   federation noticed her immediatley which resulted in including her in the national selection.  

   Elianne is also a member of the Olympic Training Selection Education. She will ride the Isaac

                            Meson. Read more about Elianne Huitema.




4 groepsfoto (Medium)Color Code Bio Wanze Team (B)

Riding Isaac Proton bikes.




CT2020 outfitCT 2020

"ct 2o2o" is a U23-EZC team with the goal of guiding young talented riders from their transition from the juniors to the gate of the pro peloton. In the coming year, the focus is primarily on the Belgium Cup competition, complemented by equivalent inter clubs and some races. The entire team use our Isaac Meson bikes with Reynolds Assault wheels. Click here for more info about ct 2020.





Isaac is sponsor the German Team Isaac Torgau e.v. for many years.