The Isaac story

Transforming science into motion


Isaac was founded in 2001 as a technical developer of carbon-composite forks and components. Our name – and our inspiration – comes from one of the most import icons in modern science: Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton was a true innovator and revealed the laws of nature and motion. Cycling embodies motion: this is where Isaac Cycles and Sir Isaac Newton meet.


Isaac has continued to advance and innovate – always pushing the limits of performance in both materials and design. We are recognized as a pure carbon brand, continuing to be a pioneer in both advanced framesets and complete bicycles. Many of our innovations are now accepted as industry standards.


Today, Isaac Cycles enables cyclists to excel by developing and manufacturing exclusive frames with materials of only the highest quality. Isaac is an ambitious Dutch brand based in the most inspiring cycling region of the Netherlands: the province of Limburg.


True to our name, Isaac is challenging the elements.





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