Handmade pure carbon frames


Isaac is the true pioneer in the field of pure carbon frame technology. Our pure carbon frames are handmade by passionated Isaac specialists. One frame at a time, a one-piece monocoque. Pure craftsmanship.


Isaac frames consists different grades of the highest quality carbon materials. As a result, each frame area has its own specific characteristics. Making a carbon frame is special. Limp and sticky fabric patches are shaped, arranged and inflated, resulting into a finished structure with truly amazing mechanical properties. The transformation, and the finished product, is little short of miraculous.


Material matters. However, it is the design of the frame that determines efficiency, comfort and agility. Our designs make a difference. Try an Isaac and feel rewarded.





Dedicated to you

carbon4The frame is the heart of your bike. For a maximum transmission of your pedal force to the wheels you need a perfect frame.


We are not the ones to determine whether a frame is perfect. You are. That is why we look at you, listen to you. And by doing that, we know you.


During research & development our engineers combine biometric insights with motion mechanics and state-of-the-art engineering technology. They are in a continuous dialogue with Isaac athletes about their needs and demands. When the first prototype of a new model is born, the Isaac athletes are the first to try and reflect on it.


We know what you want, before we design and produce.


I challenge the elements.

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