Isaac Baryon 29

I am Isaac Baryon 29

Agile, playful, and developed for those who seek adventure, regardless of height


If the terrain demands a fast and efficient mountain bike, then this 29-inch hardtail is the answer. Precise steering characteristics, stability, and control make the Baryon the ideal partner to take you into the woods or the mountains. The carbon Baryon is equipped with 29-inch wheels and 100-mm suspension travel. It gives you an amazing amount of rolling capacity and traction on any surface. Are you looking for a mountain bike that will take you further than you have ever dared to dream? The Isaac Baryon 29 is ready to take you there.

Saddle: Isaac Black / Isaac White
Handlebar + tape: Isaac Rizer + Isaac soft grip
Stem: Isaac 7050
Seat Post: Isaac aluminium 7050 Ø 31,6 mm

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