heleen-kleinAddicted to the Isaac experience

Turning your hobby into a career is only granted to a few. Heleen bij de Vaate is one of the people who succeeded in doing that. Since 2007, her normal day consists of swimming, cycling and running.
“It is the greatest job in the world!”


Every day I enjoy nature and beautiful places, my scenery when training to deliver top performances during the season. An Ironman consists of a swim of 3.8 km, a bike ride of 180 km and a marathon run of 42.195 km. Besides a few half-distance triathlons, I compete in about three Ironmans each year.


Unfortunately, it´s not all moonshine and roses. This sport requires a lot of discipline. A triathlon consists of three parts, and all three need to be trained. Thirty hours of training each week is normal. My ‘spare’ time is reserved for resting and relaxing.


In early spring, I often look for those places where the weather is best for a perfect training. So I often leave to the Canary Islands or Mallorca. Also South Africa and the high altitudes of the South of Spain - Sierra Nevada - are some of my favorite training spots. Those trainings are fantastic experiences! My best performance until this day was a 9th place at the highly reputed Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 2010. An Hawaiian top 10 place is the dream of every long distance triathlete!


Being an Ironman Champion is simply cool. Winning the 2008 Ironman Arizona gave me the right to call myself Ironman. However, this ‘Ironwoman’ will not rest. I want more!

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