Aerodynamics is your top priority. When the wind is sweeping past you at great speed and you can make that turn with the best confidence, you are at your best. With the aerodynamic speed devils of Isaac Cycle you make the difference when needed and you will perform at the highest level.


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Starting from € 3.399,00

Pure speed is what drives the Isaac Meson. Cyclists looking to draw on every ounce of strength always go for this competition machine. Aerodynamics and rigidity are the Meson’s trump cards, and it is all too keen to play them. But a good set of disc brakes are a must to bring all that energy to a halt. If it comes down to a photo finish, the Meson makes the difference.


Starting from € 5.399,00

The Isaac Meson also has a version with the innovative CLASSIFIED gearshifting system. The CLASSIFIED bluetooth controlled rear hub replaces the traditional front derailleur. This brings compelling benefits that provide an unprecedented riding experience.

The system shifts ultra-fast (only 150 milliseconds) and just as smoothly when there is maximum tension on the pedals and chain (up to 1000 Watt). In addition, the CLASSIFIED system is more efficient and less maintenance-sensitive than the classic front derailleur. The chain can no longer drop between the chainrings. Paint damage or a blocked front derailleur are therefore a thing of the past.

The Meson CLASSIFIED is the ultimate choice for top performance and carefree rides!

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Starting from € 3.499,00

This streamlined time trial beast holds its own all the way up to the highest level. Every single aspect has been aerodynamically designed by our engineers. Integrated brakes and an aerodynamic seat post and steering column combine with the frame to form a fully-streamlined machine.