5 Tips for cleaning your bike

Especially now you have to take good care of your bike, regardless of whether you're riding alone on the road or in the woods! The bike suffers from splashing water, mud and that doesn't just go away. To keep your bike in top condition, you need to clean it thoroughly. Our own 'Jean Biermans' Trivio ambassador gives '5 tips for cleaning your bike'.

Tip 1: It is important to always hang up your bike properly. To do this, use the Trivio work stand. Afterwards, use Trivio's fine cleaning brushes to get rid of all the stubborn dirt.

Tip 2: Start by cleaning the cassette, chain and sprocket.

Tip 3: Spray the entire bike with soap... let it soak in for a while and spray it with a low pressure. Do not spray on the wheel bearings and bottom bracket bearings.

Tip 4: Afterwards, dry the chain well and with a dry cloth and Frame and Tire shine over it until it shines like a jewel again.

Tip 5: Finally, drip the necklace a few hours later, wait a night and then go over it with a cloth so that it is not too greasy.

After all, a shiny, well run bike rides much better.