Dream cycling holiday in Majorca becomes a reality for Laura and Sam

In July of this year, we ran a special promotional competition in partnership with cycling holiday company Odwin Fietsreizen. The prize was a unique cycling trip to Europe’s cycling paradise: Majorca. From the many, many entries received, there could be only one winner. We eventually chose Laura, who won her dream cycling trip. In October, she travelled with her fiancé to Majorca, where they both had the cycling holiday of a lifetime. Want to find out more about their adventures? Below, you can read all about these Challengers’ experiences on their cycling holiday!

“Two pairs of eyes stare inquisitively through the window of the room we’re in. Winners of the Isaac promotional competition, we’re standing in the middle of a secured room in a Majorcan hotel. The eyes outside are not staring at us. They’re looking at something every cycling enthusiast can only dream of: a collection of Isaac carbon frames in all different shapes and sizes. These frames are ready and waiting to explore the island and that’s what we intend to do!

Before we set off, our guide Odwin carefully selects the right frame size. With the tape measure around his neck, his appearance and precision, he could almost be an expert tailor rather than a travel guide. But a guide he certainly is, as he immediately proves during our first ride on this wonderful island. With his big smile, tanned skin and plenty of banter, he really sets the pace as we cycle across unfamiliar, low-traffic roads with his cycling friends. Although it’s our first time here, we race across the tarmac as if we do it every day. We’re also amazed by how lacking in Spanish temperament the drivers are. Don’t they ever sound their horns? Of course not, it’s a case of mañana, mañana…

‘Now look towards the left.’ We’re richly rewarded with a view across the hills and terracotta-coloured fields. What a privilege. It’s a feeling that’s familiar to every cyclist. We’re making just enough effort to enjoy our surroundings and keep the conversations light-hearted. Occasionally, we shift up a gear and are struck dumb by the sheer effort and the views, such as that of the Coll de Soller. The climb features amazing hairpin bends and, at 5 km in length and with a gradient to match, it’s just long enough to make you yearn for long, hot summers and cycling in the mountains. That’s the feeling Majorca quickly gives you, in this otherwise drizzly autumn month.

We make regular stops to top up our water bottles, accidentally discovering the island’s hidden gems. Several times, we drive through an old casa. It’s something quite normal here, and the bike is left on the roof terrace. We then enjoy a piece of homemade cake with views across hills, cactuses, antennas and water towers.

We may have come here as the winners, as our cycling companions jokingly refer to us, but we’re also the Challengers, here to test the elements. So we need to press on. Eventually, we do three tours, over 100 km per ride. Each tour includes at least 800 m of climbing, even if there are no real cols. Majorca has a gentle, undulating landscape, and every day your legs want more. The sheer stability of the Isaac frame transfers the power in your legs into any type of road surface you fly across. And through all of this, we remain relatively unnoticed, thanks to the modest image and no-nonsense design.

At the end of every ride, we return quickly and satisfied to our hotel rooms, take off the cycling gear and change for swimming. Five minutes later, we’re floating in the sea as the salt from our sweat mingles with the sea salt. In the evenings, we load up at the buffet, so we’re fresh and ready to report to La Terraza next day. This Dutch-owned place is ideal for cyclists and you can actually admire iconic sweaters as you visit the toilet. After that, you know you have another ride in store, and you’re always hoping that you can withstand the elements.

We certainly discovered the elements on Majorca. We rode against wind, saw the earth flash past in lots of different colours and, most of all, we enjoyed the water. Finally, the fire in our bellies was restoked during such an otherwise unpredictable autumn period. And, take our word for it: this is not just reserved for winners… with its Isaac bikes, Majorca is a gift that everyone should put on top of their wish list!”

Convinced by Laura and Sam’s travelling adventures? Keen to head to Majorca for the ultimate cycling holiday? If so, go to www.odwinfietsreizen.nl for more information!

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