Smith Ignite Aero helmet blog

Looking great has never been this easy with the beautiful products from Smith. For example, i bought the Smith Ignite Aero helm together with their cycling glasses last summer. What a perfect combination!

You often hear, “It looks better in real life than on the picture”, well for the Smith helm that is definitely the case. The colors are more prominent in reality. Besides I love the fit of the helm, especially in combination with the sunglasses. 

The Helmet only weighing 310 grams makes it an absolute joy to ride with, you almost forget you are wearing it. 

The helm even finds a way to keep my head cool and not impede my vision while in the time trial position. (with other helmets I often look at the edge of the helmet while bent over). Smith designed their helmets in such a way that their sunglasses fit perfectly. This does take some getting used to however, but when you are used to it you can trust the fact that the glasses are not going to fall off your head. 

The only downside to the helmet, and this says more about me than the actual helmet, is that the straps underneath your ears are difficult to adjust. But then again I am not known for my patience ;).  In general a top of the line helmet, one of which I hope to enjoy many kilometers with. 

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