Looking for the best combination between performance and comfort? These bikes from Isaac Cycle ensure a pleasant posture without any compromises on your performance. Enjoy your sporty cycling adventures even more thanks to a pleasant position but at the same time decisive handling.



Maximum braking power is a must in extreme situations. The Boson Disc unites the qualities of the Boson with the ultimate breaking power offered by hydraulic disc brakes. It is the best option for long mountainous rides and hazardous descents, where the Boson's riding and braking qualities boost your confidence.


The Boson is the ideal choice for long rides and extreme competitions. It unites competitive riding qualities with a comfortable posture. We use a Nano Dual carbon structure for the frame. The rigidity of this material ensures that power is transferred efficiently. The adjusted geometry also guarantees a comfortable ride.


This aluminium tour de force also comes in a model with disc brakes. Challenging weather conditions and busy traffic often result in precarious situations. With its robust braking, the Graviton Disc generates improved stopping power. The Graviton Disc attacks steep descents with unrivalled confidence and flair.


This aluminium tour de force leaves many of its carbon opponents for dust. Its Hydrolight frame is a true featherweight in its class. Aluminium also offers a host of desirable characteristics: strength and stability are crucial qualities for a racing bike. The Graviton also features comfortable geometry, complemented by an extremely sophisticated finish.


The toughest climb is a pleasure to ride when you get a push from behind. The Proton Hybrid gives you just the push you need, without losing any of its sporting character. The motor and battery of this streamlined electric road bike are subtly tucked away in the frame. Its carbon frame and fork make the Proton Hybrid among the lightest in its class.


The Vitron’s identity is dictated by comfortable geometry and flawless riding qualities. Its high head tube ensures a comfortable riding position that all recreational cyclists will appreciate during their sporting adventures. The Vitron is now available with disc brakes that deliver decisive handling during every ride.


The Vitron’s identity is dictated by comfortable geometry and flawless riding qualities. Its high stem ensures an excellent riding position: a godsend to recreational cyclists during demanding cycling adventures. Isaac also offers a full carbon model that delivers decisive handling away from the professional circuit.