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Road bikes


Starting from € 3.199,00

Enjoy endless rides and push your limits with the Boson Stone Black. The high-performance Boson is the perfect combination of speed, comfort and style. The innovative geometry composition and balanced carbon ensures optimal riding experience and performance during endless rides on the most challenging courses.

This endurance bike combines competitive riding characteristics with a pleasant body position. The dynamic geometry and best carbon ensures stability and absorbs vibrations, keeping you comfortable during the most challenging cobbled sections and epically long rides.

With its classic matte black color and luxurious gold decals, this road bike is an aesthetic sight. As a final touch, the Boson is equipped with Isaac's Full Integrated-System (IFS) resulting in a cable-free cockpit with unprecedented steering experience. 

The Boson is available in sizes S to XXL, has a tire clearance of 32C and comes standard with the Goodyear Eagle TLR 700x28C.


Starting from € 3.199,00

Discover the true essence of speed, style and ultimate comfort with the Boson Mineral White. With its unique geometry, the Boson is the endurance bike of choice and this great road bike delivers ultimate performance on the most challenging courses. This aesthetic Endurance bike is cloaked in a luxurious white colour with black decals. The Isaac Boson's endurance features provide stability and absorb vibration, so you're still comfortable in the stirrups during the most challenging cobbled sections and epically long rides. 

The frame is built using our enhanced Advanced Carbon Technology, with a tensile strength of 30 tonnes per cm2. This Advanced Carbon Tech Dual 30 makes the frame ultra-light and stiff for race performance. BUT, it simultaneously dampens the painful shocks of uneven road surfaces.  Neck and back pain are a thing of the past thanks to the geometry aimed at ergonomic posture. 

The new Isaac Boson Mineral Whtie is equipped with the Isaac Full Integrated System (IFS). This new 1.5" straight headset system offers extra space to pass cables and pipes flawlessly. These are completely concealed in the new carbon Isaac Airflow handlebar with integrated stem, creating a clean cockpit. The cables run from the handlebars through the frame to the cable outlets. This is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also improves aerodynamics and therefore speed.