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ISAAC - Saros E-Xplore

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ISAAC - Saros E-Xplore

Welcome to a new era. A new generation gravelbike that will take you on the road to undiscovered paths, tracks and fields. Nothing stands the elegant Saros E-Xplore in the way thank to its Fazua motor. Gravel cycling sometimes requires extra strength. Is the pace just too high or are the climbs a bit too steep? The Saros E-Xplore gives that well needed boost. This makes every gravel ride a pleasant adventure. The Advanced Carbon Tech Triad 40 construction offers incredible rigidity. The Fazua Evation technology is praised for reliable and powerful support. In short, the Saros E-Xplore is anundisputed gravel racing machine.

starting from € 5.399,00





"De kwalitatieve afwerking van het frame en de betrouwbare keuzes qua onderdelen vormen samen een verzorgd geheel."


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