How do I order something from Isaac Cycle?
Ordering Isaac Cycle products is very simple. Your order will have arrived before you know it!

1. Ordering your Isaac Cycle product
Look for the articles you need for your kit, bicycle, or for maintaining it. Order these products quickly and easily by clicking on the green button and putting the article in your shopping basket. Then choose whether you want to shop further or go to the checkout.

2. Log in via My Isaac Cycle
Do you already have a Isaac Cycle account? If you do, log in to your account and you can place your orders quicker. 

Don’t have an account? No problem - you can place orders even without an account. We will, though, need some information from you. This takes just a few minutes and will help us process your order as quickly as possible. We advise that you create a Isaac Cycle account so that you have everything in one place, from your ordering history and returns, through to the shopping basket. It also takes less time for you to place your orders, because we already have your ordering details.

3. Check that your order is correct and pay
Have you already logged in, or have you filled in your personal details? It is now time to complete your payment. Select the payment method you wish to use and then check carefully that everything is correct!

Is everything correct? Then you can make your payment via the shopping basket. The faster you pay, the faster we can send your new Isaac Cycle purchases to you. 

When do I know for certain that my order has gone through?
Of course, you want to know as soon as possible that your order has been successful. This is very easy to check. Once your order has been completed, you will receive an order confirmation email from us in your mailbox. This order confirmation is proof that the order has been successful. 

However, sometimes you might have to wait a little while to receive this confirmation, in some cases up to an hour. If you have not received confirmation of your order after an hour, please contact our customer service department. We will help you find out what has happened to your order. Because our priority is your cycling pleasure!

Where can I find the details of my order?
It is, of course, always handy to be able to check your order details. To make things as easy as possible for you, you can find all your order details in one place under 'My Account'. You can find all your Isaac Cycle orders here and download them as PDFs. Ideal if you can't quite remember just what that handy Isaac Cycle article was that you were trying to think of.

If you place an order without an account, you can find the details on the invoice that we always send once the package has been dispatched. 


Where can I find my invoices? 

After ordering your Isaac Cycle products, we’ll always send you an order confirmation email. As soon as your order is dispatched, we will send your another email which will also contain the invoice.

To make things even easier for you, you can find an overview of all orders and invoices in your personal account. This way you can find all invoices in one place and see and print them as often as you like.

1. Go to 'My Isaac Cycle Account'.
2. Click on 'My orders'
3. You will now see an overview of all your orders.
4. Click on the order for the invoice you want to see.
5. Click on the button: Yes, I would like to receive the invoice again.
6. We will send the requested invoice as soon as possible by mail.

My payment has failed or declined. What now?
It may happen that your payment fails or is refused, which can be very annoying for you. Because of privacy regulations, we have no insight into the reasons for this. In case of a failed or refused payment, your order will be cancelled automatically and no money will be transferred from your bankaccount.

Do you want to replace your order? We advise you to check the following steps first:

Do you have sufficient funds in your account?
Is the credit limit sufficient?
If you are paying by credit card, is the 3D secure code activated and properly set?
Is the credit card blocked or expired?
If none of the above provide a solution, we advise you to contact your bank or credit card company as appropriate. They are able to give you the reason for the failure or refusal of the payment.

Do you still have questions about your unsuccessful or refused order? Feel free to contact us via our customer service.


When will my package be shipped?
We understand that you would like to receive your package as soon as possible. That is why we immediately to dispatch your package as soon as possible and you are able to go on the road with your new purchases. You will receive an order confirmation from us once the payment has been processed. We will start immediately and ship your package within one working day *. We will send you message to confirm dispatch, including invoice and Track & Trace code. You can use this Track & Trace code to see exactly when  your Isaac Cycle package will arrive.
* ordered on weekdays before 5.00 pm.

How quickly do you deliver?
If you place your order on a working day before 5pm, you will receive your products in the Netherlands and Belgium the next day. You can use the Track & Trace code to track the shipment with a time indication of delivery. We wish you a lot of cycling fun with the new Isaac Cycle purchases.

Which delivery options do I have?
If you choose a standard delivery, we will send your order for free from € 50. Do you place an order not higher than €50? Then we set off shipping costs per order. Go to the Shipping and Delivery page to view the shipping costs per country.

I have received a wrong article. What now?
You can report receipt of an incorrect item by logging into My Isaac Cycle. Go to the heading, My Orders, and find your order for the incorrectly-delivered item. This is where you can report the incorrect delivery. We will then e-mail you all the information you need. This will include a return form, to enable you to return the item free of charge. When we receive the incorrectly-delivered item, we will dispatch the correct item to you on the same day.
If you do not have an Isaac Cycle account, we will of course also help you on your way. Please contact our customer service on 0031 (0) 46 457 27 98 or via info@isaac-cycle.com. If you pick up the invoice, we will immediately start working for a suitable solution.

What is the status of the shipment of my package?
To keep track of the status of your package, you will receive a Track & Trace code from us when your package leaves the warehouse. Via this code you can easily see when we deliver the package to you.

Do you deliver my package at once?
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee this. In order to stop you waiting for the rest of your order, there is a chance that we will deliver it in two shipments.

I have not received my package. What now?
We find it very disappointing to hear that you have not received your order. Of course we are happy help and ensure that you receive the package as soon as possible. How do you report this to us? Log in to My Isaac Cycle and search for the heading My orders. Then, go to the order concerned and report it as lost. We will respond as soon as possible and re-dispatch your order to you.

If you do not have an Isaac Cycle account. please contact our customer service on 0031 (0) 46 457 27 98 or via info@isaac-cycle.com. Keep your invoice of the order at hand. This way we know immediately which order it is and we can still send you the Isaac Cycle items.


How do I return items?

You want to return one of your Isaac Cycle purchases for some reason. We make this very easy for you. Log into your My Isaac Cycle account and scroll to 'My Orders'. Search for the relevant order and click to the right of the product to report your return. You have a choice from the following options:

I have received an incorrect item.
I am not satisfied with the item.
I have not received this item.
My Isaac Cycle item is faulty.

If you do not have an Isaac Cycle account, we will of course be happy to help. In that case, please contact our customer service department on 0031 (0)46 457 27 98 or at info@isaac-cycle.com. If you have your invoice to hand, we can immediately set to work on your problem.

How long do I have to return items?
Our aim is to enable you to really enjoy cycling. However, there are occasions when you realise after a short time that your Isaac Cycle item is not quite right for you. No problem: we offer you a 14-day period to think things ovr. You can return our Isaac Cycle products up to 14 days after the date of receipt.
But what happens if a Isaac Cycle product develops a fault? We offer you a full two-year guarantee from the date of purchase. Always keep your invoice safe and we can arrange a acceptable solution.

What is the return address?
If you use our return form, you will have the address immediately to hand. This form is all you need to return items to us. Our aim is to make things as easy as possible! You can find our return address below.

Isaac Cycle
Tomeikerweg 31
6161 RB Geleen
The Netherlands

How quickly will you process my return?
As soon as we receive your return shipment, we will be ready and waiting to start work. We will do our best to process your shipment as quickly as possible. Occasionally, this can take longer because of thorough checking of the products, but you can expect us to process it within three working days. We will notify you by e-mail when this has been done.

Where should I send my return shipment from?
Would you like to post a return shipment but are unsure where you should do this? In order to make things as convenient as possible for you, we have a partnership with PostNL postal service. Thanks to this partnership, you can hand in your package at numerous outlets all over the Netherlands. On the PostNL website it is easy to search for the nearest PostNL Pakketpunt and to return the items free of charge using the return form enclosed. 

How quickly will I receive my refund after returning items?
After receiving and processing your return shipment, we will e-mail you to notify you that it has been fully processed. Of course, we then need to take another step: refunding your money to your bank account. This will take up to a maximum of fourteen days. It can be quicker – who knows, you may even receive your refund the next day. Please note, we are allowed to wait with refund until we have received the products, or until you have indicated that you have sent them.

How do I track my return shipment?
Interested in finding out how to track your return shipment? After you have handed it in at the PostNL Pakketpunt, you will be issued with a receipt for the shipment. There will be a Track & Trace code on it. You can use this code to track your shipment and be sure that we receive the package in good order.

You have not received my return shipment. What now?
This is not supposed to happen. If you have not received notification of receipt via Track & Code within five working days, there may be an issue with the shipment of the package. In that case, we advise you to contact our customer service department on 0031 (0)46 457 27 98 or at info@isaac-cycle.com. Have the return shipment receipt to hand and we will work with you to find a acceptable solution for this annoying situation.

As soon as you finalise the return report, we will e-mail you all the information you need. This will include a return form, to enable you to return the item free of charge. When we receive the returned item, we will send you the correct item on the same day.

My Account

How do I create an account?
We are happy to hear that you’ve became an Isaac Cycle customer! Did you know that as a customer you can take advantage of all kinds of benefits? You can easily create an account on our Isaac Cycle website. Welcome!

1. Click on the 'Menu' button in the top left-hand corner of the screen and then on the 'Login' button. 
2. This will open a screen where you can log in or register as a new customer.
3. Go to ‘New Customer’ and click on the button ‘Proceed as a new customer’. 
4. Make sure you fill in all your details correctly.
5. Once you have completed the registration process, you can now order from Isaac Cycle and register your Isaac frame.

How can I change my details?
Do you have a new address or telephone number? You can easily change your personal details in 'My Account'. Log in to your account and then go to 'My Details'. You can also change your password here.

How do you handle my personal information?
We attach great importance to keep your personal details personal. That is why we handle your data carefully. We do all we can to maintain the privacy of your personal data and we never share it with any third party.
Would you like to know more about how we deal with your personal data? Then please read our privacy policy. It gives you all the relevant information. If you have any questions after having read our privacy policy, please contact our customer service department. We will be glad to help you.


If you have a complaint about our products or our service, you can contact us via info@isaac-cycle.com. You receive a substantive response from us within 14 days of receiving your complaint.

If you do not agree with the solution, you can submit your complaint to the Homeshopping Complaints Committee (Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel), PO Box 90600, 2509 LP, The Hague www.sgc.nl. You can also put your complaint to the Complaints Committee via the European ODR platform http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Password forgotten

Help, I’ve forgotten my password!
You can easily request a new password at any time. Go to the login screen. Go to the login screen by clicking on the 'Menu' button in the top left-hand corner and after that on the 'Login' button. Here, you will find a link ‘I have forgotten my password'. Click on the link and enter your email address in the field provided. In a few moments you will receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.

I want to change my password. How do I do this?
You can change your Isaac Cycle password quickly and easily. Log in to your account and go to ‘My details’. Here, you will find all your personal details. Click on 'Change Password' and follow the instructions to change your password.

I want to use my discount code. How does it work?

When you purchase your Isaac Cycle order, you have the option to exchange a valid discount code. Of course pay attention to the conditions that apply to the relevant discount code. 
It is very easy to use your discount code. You enter this at one of the last steps of the order. This is the 'Payment method' step. Here you choose your payment method and then fill out the discount code. Then you see the discount in the payment overview. This way you can be sure that we have processed your discount in the order.
Then click on order and we will send the order as soon as possible!


Every review, whether positive or negative, is of great value to us and our customers. We set high standards for our reviews to ensure their quality. Therefore, we check every review for fairness, relevance and integrity. Reviews may only be left by paying customers and are therefore manually checked by Isaac-Cycle.com customer service. Isaac-Cycle.com never pays a customer for a review. Reviews are always reviewed and compared to our website's purchase history and are processed on a weekly basis.

Reviews are reviewed and assessed on the following points:
- Was the item purchased by the author through Isaac-Cycle.com.
- Is the review, opinion or statements applicable to the article.
- Is the review an objective opinion of an authentic consumer.
- Does the review contain inappropriate language (such as reviews containing swear words, discriminatory, racist and other undesirable statements).
- Does the review contain comparison(s) with other outlets.
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Reviews will be removed if they contain one or more of the above points.