Warranty on Isaac Bikes

We subject all Isaac bicycle frames to strict quality controls before they leave our factory. However, sometimes it is possible for a frame to show manufacturing defects until it is in use. Fortunately, this almost never happens. In these rare cases, however, we offer a warranty.

Our warranty terms can be found in the Isaac Warranty Terms which can be accessed via the link below. Is there a problem with your bike that you think is covered by these warranty terms? If so, please visit the Isaac dealer where you bought your bike. He or she will submit a warranty claim to us. We will then solve the problem for you.

The legal warranty of at least 2 years applies to all items that you buy from us. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. Some products also come with a manufacturer's warranty or an additional warranty offered by us. These guarantees do not affect the legal guarantee.