Ordering a bike

Do you want to order an Isaac bike through our webshop? There is of course more to it than buying a water bottle or clothing. A bike can have many personal preferences. It is the details that are important. We want your new bike to exceed your expectations.

Which frame size do you need? Does your bike need to be adjusted to a bike fitting? Would you rather wrap the handlebar tape yourself? Would you like to have us install the accessories you ordered? There are of course a lot of choices that concern you and that may make you unsure about your purchase.

In order to remove all your uncertainties, we would like to inform you on this page. You will get more clarity about your choice and about the further processing of your order. This way you know which service you can expect from us! Of course we are also available by phone or email to advise you.

Below you will find some important topics about ordering a bike at Isaac-cycle.

1. Help with configuring your bike
2. Information about the handling of your order
3. Other frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Help with configuring your bike

When you have chosen your favorite Isaac model, you can put it together yourself using our bike configurator. A number of choices depend on the type of bike and budget. The wheels and the gear group are good examples of this. Other choices determine your posture on the bike. Especially the frame size, stem length and handlebar width determine this position.

When you have a bike measurement carried out by a bike fitter, you get a clear picture of all these choices. Even if you do not do this, you can easily determine which sizes you need thanks to the guidelines below. If you already have a bike and it is comfortable, you can of course adopt your current specifications in your choices. Of course we are also available by phone to advise you if you have any doubts.

Determine frame size

Step 1: Measure your inseam

Measure your inseam in bare feet and with cycling shorts on. If possible, ask a second person for help. Stand straight with your back against a wall. Now take a spirit level (or a book) and clamp it between your legs. With both hands, pull the spirit level (or book) up to your pubic bone, as if you were sitting on the saddle. Now measure the distance from the top of the spirit level (or book) to the ground. This is your inseam.

Please note, your inseam is crucial in determining your frame size. Therefore, perform this measurement very accurately.

Step 2: Calculate your frame size

For the correct frame size of a racing or gravel / cyclo-cross bike, multiply the measured inseam length by a factor of 0.66. In this case, the result is the theoretical value of the frame height in centimeters.

Example: 79cm (inseam) x 0.66 = 52.14

The optimal frame height would then be 52 cm (size depending on model, check geometry table).

For the correct frame size of an MTB, multiply the measured inseam length by a factor of 0.226.

Example: 79 cm x 0.226 = 17.854

The optimum frame height would then be approximately 18 "/ 46 cm (size depending on model, check geometry table).

In this specific example, you should choose a 17 ”bike for a sporty riding style; a 19 ”version has a more “touring bike” character in comparison.

Step 3: What if I'm in between two sizes?

First check whether the required saddle height is possible on both frame sizes. (In "Step 4" we give you tips to determine your theoretical saddle height.) If so, you can choose the frame size that best suits your personal preference and riding style. The smaller bike is lower and shorter, so you will assume a more compact position. The bike will feel more agile and lively. The larger bike is longer and higher, so you are more stretched. This results in a more stable ride and more speed when driving on flat roads.


For a sporty / competitive driving style, choose the smaller frame size.

For a more comfortable sitting position, choose the larger frame size.

Step 4: Determine saddle height

The 109% method is a standardized way to determine the saddle height for your bike. When you calculate 109% of your inseam (inseam x 1.09) you get a theoretical value for your optimal saddle height relative to the axis of your pedal. Your crank arm is aligned in line with the seat tube. So it is actually the longest possible distance between your saddle surface and your pedal axle. Of course this is a theoretical starting point and a bike fitter can advise you even more precisely based on the unique properties of your body.

Determine stem length

The exact length of your stem is important when your bike is completely adapted to the results of your bike fitting. It determines how far you have to reach to get to your handlebars and therefore your positioning.

If you do not have any instructions or preference, it is best to use a standard stem length that is in proportion to your frame size. If you have a large frame, a longer stem fits best. For a medium frame it is best to choose a medium stem length. Of course you also choose a shorter stem with a small frame size.

Road bikes:

S: 80mm
M: 90mm
L: 100mm
XL: 110mm
XXL: 120mm


S: 70mm
M: 70mm
L: 80mm
XL: 90mm

Determine handlebar width

The width of your handlebar corresponds to your shoulder width. Measure this to determine which handlebar width suits your body. It is important to measure between the joint points of your shoulders and not the outside of the shoulders.

Ultimately, your hands in the braces or on the grips will be in a straight line to your shoulder joint. This gives the most comfortable position while cycling.

2. The further processing of your order

Have you ordered your favorite Isaac bike? Then we will contact you by phone before the end of the next working day. Together we check everything again and give extra advice where necessary. We want to be 100% sure that all your choices are clear to our assembly employee. Your bike will be built from A to Z by one of our assembly staff. This way he has full control and nothing is overlooked.

The details are important to us so that your new bike exceeds your expectations. Below are some things that we will go over with you. Through this service we want to personally involve you in the construction of your new bike.

  • We go through your chosen components together. Think for example of the gear group, cassette teeth, derailleur cage, stem length, handlebar width, saddle, wheels, etc.
  • Whether we already mount the handlebar tape or whether you prefer to do this yourself?
  • At what length do we cut your steerer tube and how many headset spacers do you want below and above your stem?
  • Have you ordered extra accessories and do you want us to mount them on your bike?
  • Do you have a preference for which day your bike should be delivered?
  • Which Isaac dealer would you like to choose as a service point? This question only applies to Dutch and Belgian customers. The service point is an official Isaac dealer. Of course you can also take care of the maintenance of your bike yourself or contact your local bike repairer.
  • Furthermore, there is also room to ask additional questions or to express specific wishes.
  • With this extra information, our assembly staff will work to build your bike as desired. We ship the bike to the address provided by you within 10 working days after ordering.

Your bike is carefully packed in a sturdy box. When unpacking, you will have to take a few simple steps to make it ready for use.

  • Straighten the handlebars and stem
  • Install wheels
  • Adjust the saddle to the correct height

The most important thing in these steps is to always respect the prescribed tightening torques. Use a torque wrench with Newton meter for this. This way you prevent too much force on bolts or you tighten parts too much, which can cause damage. Damage caused by this is not covered by our warranty. These torque values can be found on the parts themselves. You can also find more information about this in our manual under the heading 'Manual'.

Of course you will also have to provide and install pedals yourself. You can purchase new ones or transfer the pedals from your previous bike to your new one. Make sure you carefully mount the correct pedal to the correct crank arm. This will prevent you from damaging the threads in the crank arm.

Many other tips for getting your bike ready to ride can also be found in our manual, which you will find under the service page 'Manual'.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can I expect my bike?

We strive to assemble and ship every bike ordered within 10 working days of the order. When we contact you by telephone to go through the order, we will also make clear agreements about this with you.

Can I still adjust my bike after ordering?

We will always contact you by telephone before we start building your bike. During that telephone contact it is possible to request any adjustments. Adjustments to the chosen configuration are possible if our stock permits it. Other adjustments will be examined and if possible implemented.

How do I see which bikes are in stock?

When configuring your bike, you can immediately see in the overview which parts are in stock or not. You can also order your bike only when all the chosen parts are in stock. For information about the delivery time of certain parts, you can contact us by email or telephone.

Where can I have my bike serviced?

During the telephone contact after ordering, the Dutch and Belgian customers can choose their favorite service point. These are official Isaac dealers in the area who can also perfectly service your bike. In addition, you may be able to contact your regular bike repairer or you may be able to maintain your bike yourself. We do not currently offer maintenance service from Isaac Cycle itself.

What warranty do I have on my bike?

We offer a standard 2-year warranty on the frame and fork of your Isaac bike. If you register the bike via our website, you enjoy one extra year of warranty. So three years full warranty on frame and fork. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on the frame. Furthermore, parts that do not work or do not work properly during the first use may also be covered by the warranty. Wear of parts or damage due to unauthorized use of the bike are not covered by the warranty.

To submit a warranty request, you make a return request with the reason "Warranty". Our service experts will assess your warranty case and contact you for warranty processing. More information can be found in the "Waranty terms" under the heading "Warranty on Isaac bikes".

What warranty do I have on accessories?

A 2-year warranty applies to accessories. Do you wish to claim a warranty? Then create a return for your product for the reason "Warranty". We will contact you for warranty processing.

Can I return my bike?

Our bikes are unique items. They are individually configured and custom assembled. So they have personal choice elements and qualities that are put together for only one unique person. By cutting the steerer tube to size and the specific combination of frame size, stem length and handlebar width, every delivered Isaac bike is unique. This makes it impossible to return the bike to our stock after returning and sell it to another customer. Therefore, returning your bike after purchase is not possible. The right of withdrawal is not possible.

Is there something you don’t like about your bike? Then we will always look for a suitable solution. Of course, bikes under warranty can be returned. This is done in consultation with our "Service and Warranty" department.

Can I trade in my old bike with you?

No, we do not offer this option.

Can I take a test drive?

We have a number of test bikes available in limited sizes and with standard finish. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities for a test drive.

Do you offer bike insurance?

As Isaac Cycle we do not offer bike insurance. Of course there are recognized insurance companies where you can have your new Isaac bike insured.