On this page you will find more information about the carbon and aluminum materials that we use in our bicycle frames. We also explain under which segments our racing bikes fall. Finally, we list all the technological specifications with which our bicycles are equipped.



All our carbon bicycle frames are made using our Advanced Carbon Technology. We have perfected this technology over the past 20 years. We use our own specific carbon lay-up to provide every bike with the right stiffness and comfort.

Lay-up is the way we lay the carbon fiber layers before joining them together with epoxy resin into a monocoque whole. This specific laying method makes it possible to determine the properties of the frame.

We use the best carbon fibers from Toray carbon for this. Toray is from Japan and is the market leader in carbon development and technology. Our frames are manufactured according to the monocoque method. This means that the 3 main tubes, the heart of the bicycle, are made of 1 piece. The oblique and chain stays are then glued to this. This method is more laborious but results in a lighter and stiffer frame.

In our material names we indicate how many different types of carbon the frame is made of and what the tensile strength of the carbon fibers is per cm2. The higher this tensile strength, the stiffer the frame.

ACT Unum 24

The frame is constructed according to our Advanced Carbon Technology with 1 type of carbon. The frame has a 24 ton tensile strength per cm2, making it more focused on comfort.

ACT Dual 30

The frame is constructed according to our Advanced Carbon Technology and has a tensile strength of 30 tons per cm2. This gives the frame a good combination of stiffness and comfort.

ACT Triad 30

The frame is constructed according to our Advanced Carbon Technology and has 3 types of carbon and has a tensile strength of 30 tons per cm2. This gives it the optimal combination of comfort and stiffness.

ACT Triad 40

The frame is constructed according to our Advanced Carbon Technology. The frame is made up of 3 types of carbon. With a tensile strength of 40 tons per cm2, this frame is extra stiff in the right places.

ACT Quad 60

The frame is constructed according to our Advanced Carbon Technology with 4 different types of carbon. Together with the 60 tons tensile strength per cm2, this is our best weight / stiffness combination.


Isat Hydrolight

We only use the best aluminum for our aluminum frames. They are constructed from 7005 aluminum. A durable material known for its strength and low weight. This gives our aluminum models a higher tensile strength and a lower weight than other cheaper aluminum variants.

The finishing of our aluminum bicycles is also a top priority for us. This is how we finish the welds neatly. This ensures a sleek look. All this ensures that we have very high-quality aluminum bicycles in our line-up.

Road bike segments


These bikes are made to be as light and stiff as possible with a competitive riding position. Everything is aimed at getting the most out of your ride, whether this is a competition or your Sunday round with the club. This is the ultimate bike to get the maximum return from your effort.


These bikes are aimed at pure speed and your biggest enemy on the bike is air resistance. What you want is the smallest possible frontal area. Our Aero design gives you exactly that. The smallest possible frontal area at the front and a design that guides the air as closely as possible along the frame and the wheels to prevent suction. Due to the thicker tubes and the high wheels, an aero bike also has the “wow” factor.


Some courses demand the utmost. Cobblestones, gravel strips, plug streets, ... and that over long distances such as in Paris-Roubaix, Strade Bianche or the Tour of Flanders. The body has to endure a lot. Endurance bikes have been developed for these types of rides. They are fast and competitive but offer a little more comfort and flex. This way, the legs and body are spared the impact and fresh enough to squeeze out that last sprint.


Road bikes aimed at riders who would like a little more comfort during their exercise. The frame has more damping power and the geometry is more relaxed. These bicycles are therefore suitable for road eaters who also want to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Thanks to the more comfortable geometry you save energy and you have less pain in the neck, hands and shoulders. Despite this, the bike still has more than enough punch to win the plate sprints of your cycling buddies.

Technological specifications


The Isaac Full Integrated System (IFS) is an easy to mount integrated 1.5” straight headset system. It allows all cables to be mounted fully integrated for a clean and easy to mount cockpit system. Furthermore spacerheight can be adjusted without any cable removal.


The Isaac Semi Integrated System (ISS) is an easy to mount integrated 1.5” straight headset system. It allows all cables to be mounted semi integrated for a clean and easy to mount cockpit system. All cables run underneath the stem and go into the headsettube at the front for minimal cable exposure.

Internal seat post clamp

These frames are equipped with an internal seatpost clamp. This clamp is nicely concealed in the frame, giving you a tighter look.

Thru axle

Our disc bikes are equipped with thru axles. The thru axles provide extra stiffness so that you can steer through corners with playful ease. A nice extra feature is that the Allen key can be removed to (dis) assemble the thru axles. That way you get an even cleaner look on the bike.

Internal cabling

The cables run inside these frames. This gives the bike a cleaner look and in addition, your cables will not be damaged or your cables will not damage the frame. Thanks to our accurate mounting method, you won't be bothered by rattling cables in your frame.

Di2 ready

All our frames are suitable for Shimano di2 shifting systems.

Pure Cockpit System (PCS)

The meson has concealed all cables. This is due to the Pure Cockpit System. This integrated system was created in collaboration with Controltech. The cables run inside the handlebar and stem through a special expander at the headset and into the frame. This gives the meson its unique aero look.

Pressfit BB86 (86.5x41)

Pressfit bottom brackets are often used in sporty bicycle frames. The cups containing the bottom bracket bearings are pressed into the frame. It is the lightest and stiffest option to use as a bottom bracket.

BSA (1.37x24)

BSA is a bottom bracket system that you screw into your frame. BSA is widely available and is known for its reliability and durability. Enjoy every ride without worry.


Boost is a designation that indicates a new installation width for the wheel hubs. The front hub has gone from the standard 100mm to 110mm and the rear hub from 142mm to 148mm. This may seem like a minor adjustment, but this extra width makes a world of difference to the handling characteristics of your mountain bike. The 3 advantages that Boost has over traditional: Greater wheel stiffness because the spokes are at a different angle. Wider tires possible, which provides more grip and less rolling resistance. Better driving characteristics because the rear wheel can be placed further forward

Flex stay

Due to the modified design of the swingarm, it has a light suspension effect which gives the rider more comfort.

Mounting points

Various mounting points can be found on this bike for luggage racks, extra bottle cages and mudguards.

Electric support

Our electric bikes are equipped with the Fazua mid-engine. This motor senses exactly when you need support and will gradually support you. The motor is nicely concealed in the frame and weighs only 4.6 kg with battery. The Fazua motor has a power of 250w and the integrated battery has a standard capacity of 250Wh. The maximum power is 400W and this with a torque of 60Nm. This ensures that you can overcome the toughest slopes and can accelerate optimally out of bends.