My first races at the new Isaac Meson in Rotterdam and Antwerp!

My name is Menno Koolhaas and I am a professional triathlete living in Sittard, where I am part of the Dutch Triathlon Selection. Since a few weeks I can proudly call myself ambassador of Isaac. Recently I ride the new Isaac Meson Disc. A whole new experience. I would like to share with you my first experiences with the Isaac Meson.

Since a few weeks I can proudly call myself ambassador of Isaac. Recently I started riding the new Isaac Meson Disc. A whole new experience for me because the block brakes have been changed to disk brakes. Already at the first break test during my first ride I immediately felt the difference. With little effort you stand so still and in situations where you need to brake quickly there is no panic at all, but I have control over the bike. When cycling in the rain, the disc brakes of the Meson also react perfectly. During wet conditions, the braking is still controlled and you don't have to be afraid of shooting or falling down.

The new Meson is a comfortable bike, which contains enough stiffness. Despite the extra grammes of the disc brakes and Di2, the bike is still very light and with the new colours, the Meson has a whole new and beautiful look. 

On the 22nd and 23rd of June I competed for the first time on my new Meson. On the 22nd of June I participated in Rotterdam during a Triathlon for the Dutch Eredivisie, a circuit of 5 matches through the Netherlands in which club teams and associations compete against each other for the National title. Rotterdam was the 3rd race in the Circuit, an individual race where at the end the results of athletes are added up. The team with the best results wins the race. 

Since I quit my old team I am back at my first Triathlon association Oceanus Triathlon Aalsmeer. This is a club in which fun is number 1 and also offers youth the opportunity to participate in the Dutch Eredivise and to experience the highest level of the Netherlands. No importance to become Champion with the team or to win races. A nice role for me to share my experience in the sport and pass it on to the youth. 

In Rotterdam I had a strong race in which I dominated mainly on swimming. Everything came together on the bike, so it was especially important to stay in the front of the bike. In the technical parts of the course the disc brakes of the Meson came in handy. I was able to brake later on before corners, so I stayed in the front and didn't lose much unnecessary energy. With a strong second change from cycling to running I took over the lead position and after that I didn't give it up either. The first victory of the season for me and also the first victory for an Oceanus Triathlon Team athlete in the Dutch Eredivsie was a fact! 

The next day I raced for my Belgian team in Antwerp, Belgium. Same format as the Dutch Eredivisie but in Belgium. The Belgian competition is a lot stronger than the Dutch competition. With the tired legs of the day before I was at the start with a lot of meaning. With an excellent swim part I came out of the water after 750 meters with a group of 8 men. On my bike I had to do 4 laps of 5 km around Antwerp. There were also a number of cobblestone strips placed in it which made it a tough and difficult cycling course. The disc brakes of the Meson came in handy again to be able to brake at dangerous bends. The leading group of 8 men held out and with a lead of 30 seconds on the peloton I started as 5th on the 5 km long running part. After 2,5 km I moved to place 3. I didn't give away this place anymore.

A very nice first race weekend at the Isaac Meson with a 1st and a 3rd place. I like these positions and I will do my best to finish so well at the next races.
My next important races are the NK Quarter Triathlon in Veenendaal on August 24th and the following week on August 31st the NK Sprint Triathlon in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

#Challenge the Elements!

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