Mountainous forest paths, muddy country roads or windy sand beaches? A mountainbike is the ideal bike when you go off-road. With wide tires, disc brakes and a suspension fork, it offers grip, control and comfort. Isaac MTB’s combine all this with a performance-oriented character.


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ISAAC - Baryon Arctic Blue

XC hardtails go to extremes. They combine high speeds with maneuverability on mountain and forest trails. The Baryon goes to the limit. Its Triad 40 carbon frame provides unprecedented acceleration. Accelerating quickly after every corner, that's where you make the difference. This lightweight hardtail also has an advantage on the climbs.

Tires up to 2.3" wide are possible. The boost frame allows for wide wheel hub installation standard. That makes the bike stiffer than before. Its Arctic Blue color packs all these performance-oriented features into style. The Baryon is a pure racing horse.