About Isaac Cycle

That typical sound of your tires when they roll over the asphalt. The goose bumps on your body when you find yourself climbing faster and descending with more confidence. We understand when you explain to us what makes your heart beat faster. At Isaac Cycle, we think, feel and experience bikes just like you. Challenging yourself during every bike ride, that is the ultimate goal for us.

We gladly contribute to that challenge, by making the best bikes that suit your riding style. How we think and feel about cycling is what drives us to actively contribute to your cycling adventures. Your passion is our passion. As a result, we continuously shift our boundaries to be pioneers in the cycling industry. By always improving our models, we make your challenges possible!


How it all started

In 2001, a group of fanatical bicycle enthusiasts got together and started Isaac Cycle. We were convinced that everything could be improved. That is why Isaac Cycle started developing high-quality and innovative carbon forks. Gradually, Isaac Cycle developed into a progressive pioneering position in the bicycle industry.

Thanks to the reliable and proven quality of these forks, Isaac Cycle also decided to focus on the development of advanced (carbon) bicycles. Again the class of bikes was shown here. Isaac Cycle ended up in the Netherlands in 2009 through various detours.

Today we are still looking for the limits of performance in both material and design. Because Isaac Cycle is a complete Dutch brand, the entire development process, the testing of the bicycles and the assembly takes place in the Netherlands.

We still enable cyclists to excel by developing and producing exclusive frames with materials of the highest level. Ambitious and passionate as we are, we continuously strive for perfection. In addition, we get a daily source of inspiration from the most inspiring cycling region in the Netherlands where we are based: South Limburg.