Gravel is hot! The landscape is littered with unpaved strips that attract your attention. They lead you to places you would never come with a road bike. In order to ride these field and gravel roads fast and in a controlled manner, the gravel bike was created. The combination of a road-oriented frame and wider off-road tires guarantees speed and control on paved but also unpaved strips.


Starting from € 2.199,00

Mother nature calls, Hadron Xplore answers. It is the unpaved sand and gravel paths that lead you to the most challenging tracks. The scenery there is breathtaking, the Hadron Xplore your favorite companion. A light aluminum frame and rigid carbon fork make it competitive on any terrain. Yet it is primarily his fun factor that convinces. Wide gravel tires and powerful disc brakes give you grip and control over this speed demon. They are needed when you leave the civilized world behind.


Starting from € 5.299,00

Welcome to a new era. A new generation gravelbike that will take you on the road to undiscovered paths, tracks and fields. Nothing stands the elegant Saros E-Xplore in the way thank to its Fazua motor. Gravel cycling sometimes requires extra strength. Is the pace just too high or are the climbs a bit too steep? The Saros E-Xplore gives that well needed boost. This makes every gravel ride a pleasant adventure. The Advanced Carbon Tech Triad 40 construction offers incredible rigidity. The Fazua Evation technology is praised for reliable and powerful support. In short, the Saros E-Xplore is anundisputed gravel racing machine.


Paved or unpaved? The Torus offers an adventurous ride on asphalt, single trails, gravel paths and field roads. Sporty geometry, rigid carbon structure and low weight guide him as a real racing machine over a varied terrain. It also fits 650B wheels with tires up to 2.1" widths. Whether you choose Road Plus or MTB tires, the Torus excels in versatility.