Bicycle parts

The Isaac Core bike saddle is a sporty all-rounder. It appeals to every rider. Due to its flat and long saddle shape, cyclists can easily shift during exercise. This provides variation in posture and prevents a tense posture and any back problems. Furthermore, this saddle also has a lowered middle section that causes less pressure on the most sensitive parts of the body. The Core bicycle saddle guarantees comfort for every sporty cyclist.


  • EAN 8718223016433
  • OEM ISC-SD-005
  • Model CORE
  • Material Synthetic
  • Rail diameter (mm) 7
  • Rail material CrMo
  • Saddle rail shape 7 x 7 mm
  • Net weight (g) 298
  • Length (mm) 280
  • Width (mm) 143
  • KLeurnew Black


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