Go hard or go home. For those who want to go faster and further than anyone else, weight makes a big difference. These lightweight top models let you compete at the highest level.


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Road bikes


Our ultimate tour de force also comes in a version with disc brakes. The phenomenal riding qualities of the Isaac Element are combined with the unfaltering braking performance provided by the hydraulic disc brakes. Whether you are contending with wet conditions, steep descents or other extreme situations, they give you the confidence required to win.


Sporting ambitions sometimes demand additional braking power: a challenge that the Kaon Disc is more than happy to accept. With its performance-focused geometry, the Kaon is a true speed machine. The hydraulic disc brakes on the Kaon Disc keep it under control. This braking power guarantees the shortest braking distances in the wettest weather conditions and on the most hazardous descents.