Go hard or go home. For those who want to go faster and further than anyone else, weight makes a big difference. These lightweight top models let you compete at the highest level.


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Road bikes


Starting from € 4.999,00

Dominate the road and experience the ultimate sensation of speed and performance with the Isaac Element Granite Grey! This high-end carbon performance road bike transforms every pedal stroke into unprecedented acceleration. The combination of its low weight, sublime stiffness and competitive geometry makes this road bike Isaac's absolute best model. 

The Isaac Element is a UCI-certified competition bike that excels in heavier climbing work. Moreover, its slender design guarantees an optimal seating position that results in unprecedented speeds. These features, together with the Element's direct steering response, create an unforgettable riding experience resulting in top performance.

The Element not only accelerates in quality, but also features an eye-catching design. Thanks to the Granite Grey paint finish, finished with black decals, this is every cyclist's absolute aesthetic dream bike.