Crash replacement

At Isaac Cycle we believe it is important that you make all your challenges possible and conquer them. However, we think it is even more important that you are safely on your bike. That is why we offer Crash Replacement from Isaac Cycle. In the event of a crash, we want you to be back on the bike as quickly as possible.

The strong forces to which a frame is subjected in the event of an accident or a heavy fall can cause damage affecting the frame’s functionality. Besides the surface damage that often occurs, visible or invisible hairline cracks or breaks could put the cyclist at risk.

With the Isaac Crash Replacement service, we offer Isaac bicycle owners a service where a damaged Isaac frame can be replaced for a new one at a greatly reduced price. Damaged Isaac frames can be replaced with the same model or one of the same value, this depends on availability.

It is important in such cases that the damaged frame (i.e. not the entire bicycle) be sent to Tehava International by the dealer. At Tehava International, a service specialist will assess the frame and ascertain whether the frame is eligible for a crash replacement. We do so meticulously, as we reserve the right not to provide this service if we observe that the damage was caused wilfully.

You can find the discounts offered in the table below. This table shows you at a glance the advantage to be gained if you registered as an Isaac Member (after making your purchase) on the Isaac website. Go to ‘ Register my Isaac’ for more information. Do not take any risks when purchasing your new Isaac bike and register your bike quickly!

Isaac applies the following discounts to replacement frames:

Within 1 year of purchase1-2 years after purchase2-3 years after purchase3-4 years after purchase
Not registered as an Isaac Member30%20%10%-
Registered Isaac Member40%30%20%10%